Digital fabrication challenge for biophysicist

Hi, I'm Tanya!
I'm a researcher in the Biophotonics group of Optoelectronics and Measurement Techniques (OPEM) laboratory, University of Oulu, Finland. My background lies mostly in biophysics and has been related to living systems properties. Therefore, Fabacademy is going to be challenging for me, but I certainly need and want to acquire digital fabrication skills. Fabacademy covers a very broad range of skills, which can be applied literally anywhere!

At the moment I'm studying the blood cell properties with optical tweezers method pursuing to understand how nanomaterials may affect our cells. Sample positioning is important for different microscopy studies, however, motorized stages are usually quite expensive. For my final project, I want to make a micrometer-resolution stage, which can be useful for any researchers whose study requires sample high-precision motorized positioning.

Student Agreement

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Weekly Assignments

1. Project management
2. Computer-aided design
3. Computer-controlled cutting
4. Electronics production
5. 3D Scanning and printing
6. Electronics Design
7. Computer-Controlled Machining
8. Embedded Programming
9. Input Devices
10. Applications and Implications
11. Output Devices
12. Interface and Application Programming
13. Invention, Intellectual Property and Business Models
14. Networking and Communications
15. Molding and Casting
16. Wildcard Week
17. Machine Design
18. Final project development
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