A Custom ESP32 microcontroller board for Arduino Shields

The goal is to design and fabricate a board based on the ESP32 to replace the Arduino UNO. The new ESP32 board will work existing gShields.

Development steps

  • Document all steps taken
  • Re-Install KiCAD
  • Refresh my KiCAD skills
  • Setup KiCAD using BCN guide
  • Use digikey libraries
  • Setup footprints
  • Design boards
  • CAM boards
  • Mill boards


This version will use a raw ESP32 chip and will meet the requirements for my Fab Academy final project custom board. I will need to move all the ICs found in the DEVKIT module onto my custom board.

SciDuinoESP DEV version

This version will use the ESP32-DEVKITC-32D dev kit module. This board will re-route pins of the DEVKITC to the pins of a gSheild. This board will Bart Drings GRBL ESP32 code already loaded onto the ESP32-DEVKITC-32D. This will allow machines using the gSheild to be upgraded to the much more capable ESP32 chip and GRBL ESP32.

I also hope that this board can be used as a Arduino UNO replacement for other robotics and mechatronics projects.

This version of the board will allow me to get a workable board to improve my skills without too many variables. Once I am successful running gcode on this dev module based board I will then move on to a fully custom board.

Connection Schematics

The following schematics will be referenced to know what pins of the ESP32 should be connected to the pins of the gSheild:

  1. ESP32 CNC Dev Controller Schematic


ESP32 CNC Dev Controller by Bart Dring


  1. ESP32-DEVKITC-32D