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About myself

My name is Shin Masuoka, born and grew up in Japan.

Used be in business world

Almost 20+years, engaged in rather business world than fablication or technology.

Various job, like micro algae culture in Japan, business development in southern African region and small M&As in Finland.

In Zambia

Moved to a village

4 years ago decided to leave big city life and came to mountain side village. Then started calm and easy life. I like craft work, but also would like to expand knowledge into fab world. Then my work would be good mix of craft work and fablication.


I enjoy wood craft.
Light weight stool woodcraft1
Japanned table woodcraft1
Wood craft and paper code work.


Started running an accomodation

I am taking care of 300 years Japanese traditional wooden house.
Old gate with thached roof photo
photo I have been busy to clean and fix it. photo photo
Making Zen-ish gardens
photo Now the fixing work almost done and started operation as an accomodationn on Air bnb.
photo photo

About our lab

FabLab Kitakagaya is my node lab. It is in Osaka, bit faraway from my house. Takes 3 hours drive. Instructors support me online.

I am doing actual lab work at Fablab West-Harima in Hyogo prefectrue. (fyi. capital of Hyogo pref. is Kobe) Within 30 minutes drive.