Principles and Practices | Week 01

Final Project Ideas

Project Name : Farmer Safety Mask

Farmer Problem :

  • I am making this project because you can see in this photo that a farmer is spraying the herbicide in the field but the herbicide is coming back on his mouth so his body has a lot of problems so I am making this project.

  • Farmer solution :

    Project Sketch :

  • I want to make a mask that the farmer can use. I want to make that mask because when the farmer is spraying herbicide in the field, the herbicide comes on his mouth so he gets many different diseases so I want to make a safety mask for him.

  • Inside that mask, I want to add a lot of systems. Suppose a farmer starts spraying but the pump does not turn on because the pump does not turn on until he wears a mask on his face.

  • safety mask Reference link :-

  • Safety Switch by Parejiya Jaydeep is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0