Final Project | Week 20

Overview of system components

To add Safety while using fabrication tools was the theme I selected for the project. In that I found how I can make a Safety Gear detection as majority of welder many time aviod using safety glass shield if it is not near to them.

So I worked on creating a system which have a detection and control of power supply which will on work when the safety shield is used.
To make that I have used Push Button Switch which is connected to a Board which have Bluetooth on in and mounted on the shield. This board communicate to other which is working as power supply controller when this shield is been used. So with that signal of push button Bluetooth communicate to other device and Relay is turned on. which Switch on the device.

How they communicate and what happens when

  • Step1 : Device Detection is having a Push Button Attach to 5V which when press signal the board as High.
  • Step2 : As soon the Safety Shield Board receive signal as HIGH Bluetooth send a tranmission to other board.
  • Step3 : Once the Switch Controlling Board receive the signal by Bluetooth it send a output signal to Relay.
  • Step4 : Relay connected to plug as switch mechnishm enable power supply for useage.

Packaging considerations and system integration

To make the shield remote and moveable packaging need to such which can be adpatable and fitted easily on the Shield. So I designed and 3D Printed Box which will have Circuit and battery.

Other side the Box need to have plug into it with Cable going in so I used a Laser cut design on a 5 mm plywood which made that look little bit asthetic and easy to use. Inside the box I kept my Circuit and also added a step down adapter which provided 5 volt power to Circuit and relay.

what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

  • 3D CAD model of the box completed
  • The laser cutting work has also been completed.
  • The construction of the plywood structure is almost complete.
  • The work on the electronics board has also been completed.

  • what has worked? what hasn’t?

  • My Attiny1614 and Attiny3216 are doing board work.
  • My RX & TX Arduino code is working.
  • My Bluetooth is working with Bluetooth pairs.
  • My Mosfet is Not Working

  • what questions need to be resolved?

  • My Attiny1614 EC burned out if I turned my LED on and off from MOSFET.

  • what will happen when?

  • Day1: complete my electronics board
  • Day2: Board Programing
  • Day3:3D Design and Printing
  • Day4:2D Design And Laser Cuting
  • Day5:All Board Test And Video & Packaging
  • Day6:Final Video Shot & And Make Slide And Video
  • Day7:Presentation day.

  • what have you learned?

  • Learn how to do work smartely.
  • I learned to manage time.
  • learn workshop fabrication processes
  • I learned 3D design and 2D design all this software well.
  • Safety Switch by Parejiya Jaydeep is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0