Applications and Implications | Week 17

Theme of Project

Final Project sketch

  • Intially Ihad a idea to work for farmer but after being in makersapce I took the problem of safety while using machines many aspect are not properly taken care.

  • So I decided to change the project and take Welding Machine safety as the problem statement

  • What does it do?

  • With this device, it become compulsory for welding technicians to follow safety gear and do welding which will provide safe practice while working.
  • Welding technician use to work without safety gears and do welding so they get smoke and eye based health issues in long run use without proper safety

  • Who’s done what beforehand?

  • No one worked on this project

  • What did you design?

  • I made a box on the helmet that I made inside the 3D design. And I created a laser-cut box inside a 2D design.

  • What materials and components were used?

  • I used acrylic sheets and plywood inside the materials to make my box.

  • Where did they come from?

  • In Pune, which is nearest city to Fablab we have many vendors providing material of acrylic and plywood. Best is to look out near Architecchure college as they use such material and getting shop nearby to purchase.

  • And the modules that I have like Relay, and MOSFET are the ones I ordered from the market in Pune and those are also available from Amazon India.

  • How much did they cost?

    Name Description Quantity Price Total
    Bluetooth For communication 2 200 400
    Relay 30 A Used to contorl power switch 1 209 209
    Acrylic 4mm 1sqft for casing 1 125 125
    Plywood 5 mm For Casing 2 90 180
    5 Volt adapter Power Supply 1 50 50
    Red Push Button For Helmet 1 16 16
    Jumper Wires For connection 40 60 60
    Attiny 1614 For Output Board 1 100 100
    Attiny 3216 For Input Board 1 100 100
    Rechargeable battery Power Supply 1 499 499
    PCB Board 6*4 Inch For Milling 1 50 50
    SMD component For Milling Board 200 200
    3D Printing Box 1(60gm use)Cost:1gm=10/60*10=600 1 600 600



    What parts and systems were made?

  • I will make the body with a plywood sheet. It will be cut into parts with a laser cutter that I will glue together to make one whole structure

  • My electronic board is almost ready I made it with srm20 milling

  • What processes were used?

  • 3D Printing
  • Lasercutting
  • Milling

  • What questions were answered?

  • I can do research to find the best material in correlation with the lowest price. Will it or won't it work? is a significant query that won't be resolved until it is completed.

  • What worked? What didn’t?

  • I tried to work with Mosfet to control LED and it was not working with low voltage. After adding a power adaptor it worked properly.
  • I used 30 Amp relay as machine power consuption was variable according to machine and to make sure proper switching can be done my mentor advised me to use 30 A relay.

  • How was it evaluated?

  • Project need to be easy to use
  • Ease to user for understanding it’s importance
  • Adaptable to all machine for future development
  • Design should be easy to replicate in another makerspaces

  • What are the implications?

  • There is need of such devices
  • New method of detecting according to safety and machine type need to develop
  • This device should be available to range of power inputs of machine s can be used for CNC and Other safety requirement machine

  • What process used for Project

    For making the project additive and subtractive both manufacturing was used
    Machining & Tools used
    • Laser Cutting - SIL
    • 3D Printing - Fractional Work
    • CNC Milling - Modella SRM 20
    • Soldering Small tip with Temprature Adjustment
    • UPDI Module for code uplaod

    Design Software used

    For making design for the fabrication CAD and Coding tools were used.

    Software used

    • Autodesk Eagle - For Circuit Design Download Link
    • Arduino IDE - For uploading code to the Cirsuit Download Link
    • RD Works - Software for Laser cutting Machine to cut 2d files Download Link
    • MODS Project - For converting PNG to CNC Milling file Link
    • Solidwork - For designing CAD design
    • Fracktory - Slicing tool for genrating STL file Link

    Safety Switch by Parejiya Jaydeep is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0