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Covid-19 N95 Face Mask Prototype

  • Dr. Lancaster, Dean of Academic Affairs, made a special request that I work with Ozarks Medical Center to help them during this crisis.

  • The information located at Coronavirus Tracking, provided access to the video for the 3/17/20 meeting. I listened to the meeting and learned about the process of discovering the needs for a new project.

  • Additionally, there is information about face shields, face masks, and precautions to follow during this crisis. I looked into the “Hack The Pandemic N95 masks, Copper3D, Chile” entry and found the NanoHack STL digital files. Since the 3D printing is time intensive, I wanted to explore a faster option through laser cutting Polyethylene terephthalate (PET, or PETE). Using laser compatible transparency material, I thought a multi-layer PET tool with N95-like filter media formed around the tool with the tool left in the form.

  • Imported the STL file into Sketchup and exported a jpg file of the tool.

Face Mask - SketchUp Pro 2020 2020-03-21 14-10-57 from Jim Hart on Vimeo.

  • I was contacted by OMC and we discussed options and decided their greatest need is a supply of N95 face masks.

  • Using the jpg image, I printed the image on thick paper to make a paper prototype.

  • I cutout the facemask

  • And tried it on

  • The fit was too small, but a good size for children. So I increased the size by 125%, printed, cutout, and tried it on. Good fit!

  • Due to the failure of the 3D printer print head, this direction spiraled into the use of the laser cutter.

Covid-19 N95 Face Shield Prototyping

  • I discovered a good design by Trotec.

  • Explored the possibilities of making this with the laser cutter using carboard and printer paper.

  • Refined the cuts with assembly

  • Produced the product with the desired material of acrylic

  • Tried it on for size 😎

  • Just so you know…they don’t always turn out perfect 😖

  • Moved to mass production
  • Now for more…

  • More shields!

  • And more…

  • I had the assistance of my colleague and friend Larry Noller, a Master Machinist, in post processing and gluing. Our GOCAT administrative team delivered them to the local hospital for use.