Fab Academy 2014

Modules 16 – interface and application programming


Class Outline

In Class Tutorials

Excellent tutorial by Guillem

The Assignment

write an application that interfaces with an input and/or output device


The idea

I'd like to use the basic X-Y accelerometer [MMA3201KEG by Freescale] we had in FabLab Barcelona and try to reproduce it's inclination on screen.

I'll use Arduino to programm the board, and Processing to design the interface.

Two virtual leds flash. The green one indicate that the board is balancing in top 180º, and the red led indicate we went under...

The video of the interface working

Pole Balancing from Matthieu on Vimeo.


[ download ARDUINO SKETCH file: "AcceleroRead.ino" ] → this collects the data from the accelerometer.

[ download PROCESSING SKETCH file: "Pole_Balancing.pde" ] → this displays the data collected by Arduino to the screen.

That's all Folks.