Fab Academy 2014

Module 14 – Networking & Communications


Class Outline

Very interesting topic, but once more comes with a huge amount of information to ingurgitate and assimilate. I need to start with the basics and then move on.

In Class Tutorials

The Assignment

design and build a wired and/or wireless network connecting at least two nodes.

The Project

I'll stick with Neil’s example, and will start with wired communication.

As I set to design the board I decide to add a small twist to the project: I'd like to see if I can manage to get nodes to interact with one another. I should not have to change the circuit too much but I would like that the node can transmit a range of information so I decide to change the LED on the board of 'Hello Bus' with a RGB LED.

Hello_RGB Bus.

Making it work ?

By the time I got around to finish this assignment, the deadline for submitting any assignment is just around the corner. My boards have been milled weeks ago but I experience a shift in my priorities around that week, and put back till quieter time the soldering and program burning.

The bad news is that it's hard to come up with a 'B' plan with the clock ticking so loud. When I looked for components there were no more RGB LEDs in the components drawers at FabLab Barcelona. And I don't really have time to go out and buy some. By luck I find 3 through hole RGB LEDs lying around and decide to go with that.

Next comes the AT45. There is one left in the drawer... and I find a strip that has two chips in it that are 8SOIC and I decide to give it a try. No one here can help me (Luciano and Guillem are both out).

I stuffed my boards with component i had managed to gather bending the legs on the LEDs to fit on my trace...

I followed the very clear tutorial from AS220 in Providence but had an issue trying to burn the program:

My master and one of the slaves gave me the following error . I need to investigate to resolve this issue...

Re-soldering the boards

I was able to scavenger 2 ATtiny45's from fellow academicians and finally got to load the program onto my nodes with the terminal. Each node is reacting as expected with the led flashing in RED.

I must settle for a moment before I investigate the possibility of modifying the program in order to have the three nodes play a game of "Scissors, Paper, Rock" between them. if get around to do it, I will post the result

That's all Folks.