Fab Academy 2014

Module 13 – Output Devices


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The Assignment

add an output device to a microcontroller board you've designed and program it to do something.

The Project

I want to drive a stepper motor.

I actually did start to have a look at this in the embedded programming assignment.

I followed Guillem's recommendation to use MOSFETs. I do like this solution because this gives me a clear understanding of what goes on, and will help get more controle as to how drive the motor.

Stepper Motor Mosfet Driver with leds.

Basic Hardware and Software


Stepper Motor driven by Mosfet board a 2 [9V. Batteries] from Matthieu on Vimeo.

Looking ahead

I'm thinking maybe I could use the motor in combination to the Mechanical Design assignment to make a simple clock. All I need from this side is to pace my motor at 1RPM, and the tricky part will be on the mechanical side...

Stepper motor turning at 1 rpm - note the leds that indicate which pole of the motor is stimulated.


[ download CODE file: "MotorSequence.ino" ]

That's all Folks.