Mohammad Sharif 10 >_<...let me CREATE

This WebPage has all the info about my experience in Fab Academy.

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First Vector Graphic
My project: Care For Sir!!

This project is all about making my work environment more suitable and healthier... By building the maximum extrem top best working desk, with all the sensors and equipments.

All the sensors, equipments and mechanism, together to make the desk.

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More about me!

Who is Mohammad Sharif?

  • Someone who love to create new things...

    Always searching for new things.

  • Has some place in his heart for some Art...a lot to be more exact!

    Love to create some Video Games, as his passion, so now, he is learning some 2D unity game design courses.

  • Trying to reach the sky, maybe it is far away and he is failing.... but he will keep trying *_*
    Mechatronics Engineer how wants to invent new technology for a better future. The most important thing for me is innovation and test every new thing, its like a passion for me.


    You can also check hip page on YOUTUBE ....He may help you with some ideas!.