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My project: Care For Sir!!

This project is all about making my work environment more suitable and healthier... By building the maximum extrem top best working desk, with all the sensors and equipments.

All the sensors, equipments and mechanism, together to make the desk.

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DO you feel any pain in your back?Do you work many many hours in your desk at work, without stoping?

Do you feel any pain in your back or neck, and you can not stand it anymore? need some rest or break from time to time but you always forget to take it?

The idea of my project came from my brother problem in his work, he is a dentist, and after many years of workin, he is haveing alot of pain in his back and neck, from all thoes working hours, and bending his back and neck...... I am alsow faceing something simelar to that, my friends at work alwase tills me that my sitting position is almost like an attacker

  • pain, pain, go away + kiss.....

    A smart seat and desk will help you to sit correctly:

  • How to know that you are always sitting in the correct way? and if you are not, then how can you know that you are not sitting in the correct way?

    This is how you should normally sit:



the desk will have sensors to alwayes know the way you sit, by using distance sensors, presure sensors,angle sensors light sensors to see if the light condisions is good in your working inviroments, and to increse or decrese the light if needed.

The desk has notification system to let you know if you are sitting in a strange way!