:construction: What to do?

    in this page I will answer the follosing questions:

  • What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
  • What has worked? what hasn't?
  • What questions need to be resolved?
  • What will happen when?
  • What have you learned?
  • first come, first answered..

    What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

  • completed:
  • electronic design of the final project is done"after changing it from 2 atmega328p to 2 attinys of 84/44"

    fabrication of the main physical parts are done using 3D printing , by printing the head,side sensor holders for the chair and the sensor holder for the desk. and also the gear that will give notification to the user when he is not setting in the correct way. .also for making the case for the desk pcb and the chair, testing the code with bothe chair and desk system and implement it to the attinys system

    testing the system fater the adding the cable managemnt and connceting everything togeather

    building a full desk from the scrach yousing a shalfs method, this system will help to remove the desk form the room if needed to add more space to it

  • remain:
  • make the system look more clean.

    What has worked? what hasn't?

    and here comes that sad part....I have been working on a communication method between the chair and the desk for e long time, using IR signals..... first when using IR to communicate between 2 arduinos, it worked 100% with a rage of 1.5 meter. then when connected it to attiny44 and send the signal betwen 2 oth them, it workedbut for short range only, and that range will not work with my final project, so I Get rid of all the preivous work and started working on a 2 seperated system, on on the desk and the other on the desk

    in the past, the idea from using IR communicatewas to send the singanl for the sensors on the chair to the actuators on hte desk to notifiy the user of his setting condition....

    now in the new system chair, the chair has its own sensors and actuators, so if I am setting in unhealthy way, the snsors will detect that and give orders to 2 servomotors to poke my in the head and the side to ontify me to set in the correct way.

    and for the new desk, it will detect if I am setting near it or not and light on or off the light depens on the light sensor, and when setting , hte chair will start counting for 20/20/20 rule so it will hep me to take a beak in every 20min

    take a look at who the system work in this selfy video:

    What questions need to be resolved?

    -What was the best way to use IR signal for communication? -was there another way to take the position of the person setting on the chair other that what I have used in my work, a better one?//check the previous video -was the way that I have used to notify the user of his setting way the best way and how can I improve on it? -was the place that I holded the pcb under the chair using the scrow the correct way, or I need to find another place fro it?

    What will happen when?

    for this cycle, this is the works QUESTION ever..... to make it more simple, this fabacademycycle is crazy in a way, we were supposed to work in the lab, but it was closed for a looooong time, so all my plans were delayed.

    but I did go with the following:

    -design the main physical parts of the project : MAY 20 >> MAY 31

    -build the table MAY 5 >> MAY 9

    -build the physical parts using the tools in the lab and my 3D printer in my house : JUNE 1 >> JUNE 20

    -desing the pcb + coding and testing the system : JUNE 1 >> July 20

    - woking on the fianl project video and presentaion and finish the missing parts of the previous weeks : July 21 >> July 31

    -try to stay home and stay safe : the second half of the entire academy


    I am using app.ganttpro.com to build my project plan, go check them online.

    What have you learned?


    and some more patience and adding to it with more patience.....

    also I have learned a lot of new tech :

    -programming new processers and add to my knowlage like atmega and attiny

    - mold and cast wan new to me, Always wanted to learn it

    - adding new skills to my design knowlage, and use more tools in onshape program

    - using the milling machien to build my pcbs and molign+casting works

    -learning how to build my HTML internet pages

    In the end, this academy was a bless for me and I have muck fon and learned now things that will surely help me in the future....all the best