W21-Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

:construction: What to do?

    in the preivous, my work and project is is free to anyone to :

  • Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material
  • and that is tru Under the following terms:

  • - Attribution
  • - NonCommercial
  • - ShareAlike
  • - No additional restrictions
  • and The platform has their terms and policies, you need to be a good guy to have a good info, and share it with everyone.

    and after all of that, I have decided that my work will be open source for everyone, my ideas may be limited to what I have in my daily live, and my final project will be open source.......so add your ideas, improve on it and let us all work to share our ideas and build something great together.

    you can see the open source link that I am using here

    what about the presentaion?

    What about it!

    ............you little ...

    OK OK, but don't Laughs......here see the main theme for it:

    I wanted to design the presentasion on my own for a test, and something like this came out with me:

    this is the program that I am using to draw the slides, and in it a slide ...

    next is another slide to explain the penefits of healthy setting VS unhealthy on:

    and the last one is for Counting the points:

    finally for the final project video, I am still working on it, but I want it to be a cut from the video that I have uploaded about "MY FabAcademy_2020 Tour", you can see it here:

    so I will cut and add to the video to make the final project video...Work in progress

    about the future plans, this project can be used in any office or any desk, it can be implemented to any thing, just to help people to fix thier back pain...and I will work on making the physical parts of the project a universal plug and operate , so it can be added to any desk, for that, I will need to rethink my desgin and work on a different way

    and sensce it is open source, this will hrlp the others to start where I ended and add thier ideas and update my work.