W???"NO internet week 0_0 (Wildcard Week)

:construction: What to do?

    This is a story of a little man called young man, young man was very lonely, after the pandemic, all the time at home with is family and his friend was MR.Internet....

    + thanks to my family, they are the best support for my..... all love

    anyway, the young man noticed that he is sitting for to long doing noting (I am doing my fab academy work ofcource ), and gaining weight to his body, some people call that being fat, but the young man called allways says "why do we need 6 pack? one pack is better and 1 prevents separation to 6 weak packs".... that young man from time to time says some weird things....

    anyway, in a dark night that young mac could not sleep + and he has so much power for no reasune, he opened his laptop and opened the fab academy to work on the LOVVVLY LOOOVVVLY assignments while saying"@#$#@#"

    Suddenly!!! all his work in onshape is gone?!?!?

    the young man wanted to scream and destroy his laptop, but he remembered that is is from the company...so he did not

    the young man said "what to do without anything to do... I can not breath......baaaaahh"

    at that moment, he accidentally pressed the space key on his keyboard...... and magically, a small dynacor jumped out of nowhere

    the young man gut shocked from that jumb....... he wanted to scream, but he remembered that his family is a sleep

    the dynacor just died....... the young man wanted to scream, but he remembered that his family is a sleep ........for sure that this young man has alot of free time"HHHHHHHHHHHHH"

    so for us the grate fablabers, let's help the young man to save the day and do the following:

  • help the dynacor to stay alive
  • help the young man to find a porpess of his live without the internet......"thats dark for sure"
  • let the young mad do some exercises, he is gaining weight from the lockdown
  • make this week project and assessment for the fablabers
  • lets start with the main idea; exercise your body and burn some cals by playing the google dead internet dynacor and save the dynacor

    HOW CAN WE DO THAT????---- "you say?".... will let me help you out by this picture:

    I now you are a smart person.... you are a fablaber after all..... YES we will traine the man and burn some cals by using hand grip... and we will connect ti to a pushbutton to an arduino tp servomotr to the space key on the keyboard.......

    but with this, you did not make a 1287361928763 level project......you need to do more YOU SAY?!?!

    HAAAAA... you are 3000 year behind for that, we will use an enterisiting open source project called INMOOV (I have mensuned befor), check link here

    and you can see my preious work on it below:

    did you noticed anything stange?, but don't till anyone...ok

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.........the electricity is off............

    there is a porblem in the neighborhood electricity cabel.... seems wong man will is going to sleep early, all his plans went down, better luck next day

    young man is now searching for a candle to see his way to bed, while Bumpping on everything ...... finally , he found out a high level of uglyness candle

    unfurtunattly, this is the only one I have.....and sadly the young man went back to bed without using that ugly ugly candle

    NEXT DAY the young man thought of using his 3D printer to make Casting mold and use it to Melts down the ugly old candle and shape a nice looking one

    for that , we will use the 3D printed we have in house "alfawise U20" to make the 3D casting mold, and here is the first model done printing :

    So, I am making 2 picese and giving them a special design astatics!__! with a curve inside the design "this is the first model". both 2 parts has a pins and holes to connect them together. you can take alook to the 3D design steps here :

    NOW ,lets cut some of the ugly ugly candle to small piceses

    then throw them in the microwave to mild ti down, for 2 min

    lets add the fiber that will burn , try to put it in the middle

    now let's add the melted cndle to the 3D printed design

    then put it in the frezer

    I took it out from the frezer after 30 min , should be good "that What I thought first..."

    after taking down the tape I opebed the modle..... and it offfffcource broke down to pices

    SAD MEEEEE, but one more time... let's make the desing bigger and has a hole for the fiber to go in

    you can check the new design here:

    let's melt mode candle and test it agian

    for this time, I have emery paper to make the inner surface somther, and added putty steel jel to it to make sure that it will easily separates the candel from the 3D printed parts

    after adding the melted candle and put it in the frezer, and after 2 hours in the frezer we took it out and open it

    and as you can see, it took the curved shape of the 3D prined mold :

    with fire:

    check the onshape desgin : here