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Ousia Assiongbon Foli-Bebe - Fab Academy 2023 site!

Photo of Ousia Foli-Bebe during a STEAM workshop in The MoLab

Ousia A. Foli-Bebe during a STEAM workshop in The MoLab

Hi! I am Ousia a Maker, STEAM Educator & Design Thinking Consultant In Togo.

Here I document my Journey for the FabAcademy 2023. look around and if there is a question reach out to me (Social Handles in the footer )

My project: Egg incubator for hatchery

Egg incubator for hatchery

My project is to make an arduino controlled and possibly connected egg incubator. Egg incubators are machines that create the perfect conditions ( température, moisture, positioning) for an egg to incubate and hatch successfully. It’s designed to regulate incubation temperature and humidity at perfect levels there for playing the role of a broody hen.

learn more here or go to the weekly topic of interest below.

Online link to the latest 3D CAD file

3D Design Preview

Weekly assignments

  1. week 1. Project management
  2. week 2. Computer Aided design
  3. week 3. Computer controlled cutting
  4. week 4. Embedded programming
  5. week 5. 3D Scanning and printing
  6. week 6. Electronics design
  7. week 7. Computer controlled machining
  8. week 8. Electronics production
  9. week 9. Molding and casting
  10. week 10. Output devices
  11. week 11. Mechanical design & machine design
  12. week 12. Input devices
  13. week 13. Networking and communications
  14. week 14. Interface and application programming
  15. week 15. Wildcard week
  16. week 16. Applications and implications
  17. week 17. Invention, intellectual property and income
  18. week 18. Project development