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I’m Saco aka LasLab. Welcome to my Fabacademy homepage.

On this site I will keep track of my proceedings during Fabacademy 2022. Useful for myself as a resource to get back to when I need it. Hopefully it’s also helpful for others as a source of preventable mistakes and maybe some inspriation. And last but not least it’s necessary for the instructors to evaluate my work.

BTW: the title of this page might seem odd, but it’s the translation of main page and is found on mostly Belgian sites. But I like it so much that I decided to use it. If you want to have a bit of background, there’s a discussion on Wiktionary about it.

Site Structure

The main results I achieved during Fabacademy are the projects I started. You can find not only my final project but also others I do along this journey on my Projects page.

To keep track of my work in a more logical structure for myself, I have grouped my learnings into separate sections. Here’s the overview with explanation of what they cover:

Important resource subject are machine settings. There as large overview of them on the mechanics index page and a small one on the electronics index page.

Weekly Assignments

To accomodate the Fabacademy folk I have related these subjects to the weekly assignments on a page called:


You can also find the link to this page in the top menu on the right corner.

Final Presentation

My final presentation was on the 10th of June. You can find the video and the slide via the following links:

Sharing my Work

All designs on this site may be reproduced, modified, distributed, performed, and displayed for any purpose, but must acknowledge this project, and the results must be shared alike. Copyright is retained and must be preserved. The work is provided as is; no warranty is provided, and users accept all liability.

Last update: June 28, 2022
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