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18. Project Development


Tasks - Must

  • Complete lemur control software
  • Make presentation slide
  • Make presentation video


This week I did:

  • Develop the user interface that calculates the mirror orientation based on the reflection target and the sun’s position
  • While waiting for the sun to come out I did run simulations to see if everything was working as expected
  • Once there was sun I did some real-world testing
  • Make presentation video and slide

I documented everything in the final project development page


This week I spent a bit too much time in front of the screen for my taste but I’m happy with the outcome.

I had fun developing the web user interface and once it was complete it made testing a lot easier.

In the previous weeks I recorded some videos for the documentation but I did barely do any editing. All I did was copping the size and time directly with ffmpeg. As a consequence this week it took me some time to learn video editing basics. It wasn’t too hard in the end - I used iMovie which is really beginner friendly.

Last update: June 13, 2022