Final project concept :

Automatic cat food dispenser [Laser cat]

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  • My final project concept is an automatic cat food dispenser that will help cat owners who spends most of their times away from their cats, and that will be done by the “LASER CAT” This machine will serve the cat its food whenever the food is less than the required amount, each portion will have 60 Grams of dry cat food, and when the food is being served a speaker will be turned on in order to call the cat by the owners voice, also after 20 to 25 minutes a laser will be turned on and starts to move in random directions to entertain the cat.

  • This machine will have an ultrasonic sensor connected with the dispenser to measure the amount of food in the plate, the food will be served whenever the foods amount is less than required .

My final project name :

I have came up with a name which is Laser cat, i have found out that this name fits perfectly with my final project idea which is a laser to entertain the cat .