2. Project management

Assignments for week 1

  • Build a personal site.

  • Plan and sketch a potential Final project.

Files to download :

I have included all the files that you need to download down below and here you can find them directly :

  1. Download Git.

  2. Download Atom

I have found this tutorial very useful to get used to “GIT”

Click here.

The goal for this week is to plan and sketch a potential idea for my final project which will be developed using all the skills that I will learn in the coming weeks. I have talked with instructor and explained my project concept. My instructor got me throw to consider all the essential parameters involved in the process before finalizing the final project. So basically, this week I worked on defining my final project and started to get used to the documentation process.

So, to create a website some points must be covered:
• You have to learn at least the basics of the languages you are going to use and for me, I have used this tutorial to learn about “MarkDown” Click here also this site to learn about “HTML” Click here.

• You have to think about a layout for your website, I have decided to use the layout that Gitlab has afforded us to use this year.

• Finally advancing your website gradually.

Here are the steps that I have went throw:

  1. I have downloaded “Git“for Windows then I have chosen the 64-bit Git For windows setup.
    Download Git

  2. I opened the Git bash application and the command Window popped out then I cloned my HTTP URL and it didn’t work so I cloned my SSH URL and it worked eventually, and for that I entered the statements as shown in the pictures and here is the process :

    • Then I configured my username and email on Git Bash by using:

    • Configure username: git config --global user.name "my username".

    • Configure email: git config --global user.email "my email".

• The final step is to upload and push my website, using the “git add -A” to add all modified and new files in the current directory and all subdirectories to the staging area, “git commit -m” which saves the changes to the local repository and the -m to write a message, and “git push” to upload local repository content to the remote repository.

  1. After cloning and successfully pairing my laptop I started building my own site and for that I used Mkdocs I started customizing the file mkdocs.yml with my information then I uploaded all the information to the site that I have build.

  2. in order to upload anything to your website you have to follow these steps :

1- After setting your git bash to the right direction type git add .

2- now type git commit-m"and here you can put any comment"

3- now type git push and everything you have written will be uploaded

here is a photo showing the steps :

I have used atom and used Markdown to write my information

It was fun learning and getting familiar with coding using Markdown and HTML and seeing what actually happens when the code moves.

How to use Atom :

  • First you download “Atom” you can find the link up .

  • you have to create a new file in order to start writing whatever you want and to do that go to File >> New file, and you are ready to start as you can see in the picture

  • Now you can write and to see what your writing will look like in the website click on “Ctrl + shift + m” and you will be able to see how it will look like, also when you start writing a blue dot will appear next to your file name to indicate that you are working in this page and did not saved it yet .

Here i learned and created a test site using HTML

I have found that Markdown is easy going so i planned to stick with it, also HTML is good but in my opinion it has some negatives such as :

Errors can be costly.

The time it takes to choose the color scheme of a page and to create lists, tables and forms.

It can create only static and plain pages so if we need dynamic pages then HTML is not useful.

Need to write lot of code for making simple webpage.

About me page Click here to see the result Home page Click here to see the result