Lin Zihao

A maker with artistic pursuit and a Co-founder of C-Fablab in Sichuan University.

About ME

It's my honor to be one of the big family of Fabacademy 2020. I will make some beautiful tings by using tools in Fablab and record it in the site. Thank you for your attention.

  • Induction - C-Fabication laboratory in Sichuan University.
  • Experience - Master's degree in Sichuan University, used to be a process engineer in FANUC.
  • Skills - Digital manufacture, five-axis NC machining center, CNC programming.

C - Fabication Laboratory

The laboratory is aimed at groups with innovative entrepreneurial needs, focusing on digital manufacturing, intelligent hardware and the direction of the Internet of Things. It can provide a full-featured service system from creative stimulating to product prototyping and marketization. And C-Lab is a small factory that can manufacture almost any product and tool, it is also an innovative entrepreneurial community that integrates education, communication, sharing, practice, commercial operation and angel investment.

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  • Final Project

    My final project is smart socket is a smart internet connected socket which can sent the data of the sensor to the OneNet platform. And it also can measure the temperature, humidity and illuminance in the socket and display it on the LED screen. The socket has an ESP8266 for accessing WIFI , temperature and humidity sensor, Atmega 328p as controller.

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  • Achievement Exhibition

    contact Me

    Address: No.10, Kehua street, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
    TEL: (028) 85406538 (+86)18981085882
    E-mail: [email protected]
    QQ: 386866966