Principles and Practices




Why I chose lightsaber?

What are skills and knowledges that I will need to made lightsaber?

what feature does it has?


What will I control?

By using light sensors, it will control the switch of the LED. In the development of the fab academy, I hope to improve the prototype to scale to demonstrate the functionality of the project.


Smart Socket

I've been thinking about my final project in this weeks.I thought I wanted to do something more useful than just make a lightsaber for my Gouda model. So I came up with the idea of making a smart socket.

Project Introduction

In China, electricity safety is a serious problem, especially in recent years, there have been a number of electricity safety accidents, which have caused a great loss of personnel and property.



As a result, I want to make a smart socket which can be switched on and off by sensing light intensity. And also, it can be help you to control your appliance from wherever you are through the wifi / internet control. Just connect the smart socket to the original socket on the wall to start using immediately. So, it can be plugged into any of the existing ones.


What does it do?

1) It can implement timing switch of the socket, which can meet the needs of people with special working hours.
2) Smart socket provides the socket status online view and remote power outage function, which is mainly for the person forget to turn off the electrical equipment.
3) I will use the light sensor to analyze the light condition, then the smart socket will control the switch intelligently.


Who's done what beforehand?

The present of most smart sockets (such as xiaomi smart sockets and Huawei smart sockets) can only achieve timing switch and remote control, but can not be smart switch according to the illumination.
A student in Fab Academy 2016 Easwaran also made a wifi/internet-controlled power socket which can be plugged into any of the existing ones. So, the devices connected to these can be remotely switched on and off. He used the ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module for networking and used Atmega 328P as the controller.


What did I design?

1) I’m going to refer to some circuit designs made by Easwaran which is use ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module for networking and use Atmega 328P (or ATtiny 44/45/48) as the controller.
2) I’m also going to add a miniature light sensor module on the smart socket.
3) Simple design of appearance.


4) I hope to improve the prototype to scale to demonstrate the functionality of the project.

What materials and components will be required?

1) Wifi Module: ESP8266-12E;
2) Microcontroller: Atmega 328P (or ATtiny 44/45/48);
3) Sensor: Light sensor, Temperature sensor, humidity sensor.
4) A socket which design and fabricate by myself.
5) Server: a raspberry pi and Niagara JACE8000.

What processes will be used?

I will need to use laser-cutter & 3D printer for making the socket. Will use the PCB miller for milling the circuit boards. Vinyl cutters for branding by having logos cut out.

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