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I'm Mass

Mohammed Ahmed Sleem Senwar (Mass) is the Director of Maker Spaces and FABLABs Department at National TalentS™ Company for Training & Education. He has extensive technical background in robotics and mechatronics, and utilizes his knowledge in the development of several STEM based educational content such as Arduino (Microcontroller) and the fabrication lab (FABLAB) Dhahran, FABLAB Jubail and FABLAB Hail . In addition to that he worked on designing technical activities for many CSR Projects operated by TalentS™. Mass acquired his B.S. degree in Engineering – majoring in Mechatronics from October 6 University (Egypt). Mass has managed several technical and educational programs effectively since 2011 Such as Saudi Aramco Culture program 2012, Robolympics Project, Saudi Aramco Culture Program 2012 Tinkering Studio Project, FTC (First Tech Challenge Robotics Competition in 2012 and 2013). FABLAB Jubail, FABLAB Dhahran, FABLAB Hail, Saudi Aramco employees Volunteerism Award (EVA) and STEMania project Mass’s maker attitude has led him to participate in several Fabrication workshops such as Laser Cutter, 3DPrinter, Electronics, Vinyl Cutter, Milling Machine and CNC Machine in FABLAB Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland. He has also worked on installing FABLAB Reykjavik and FABLAB Dhahran and FABLAB Jubail where he also conducted technical workshops..

Electronics production

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3D scanning and printing

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Electronics design

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Computer-controlled machining

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Final Project

Initially, I wanted to work on this project:

Text to Speech device (TTS) ...... It is a device can detect the text and read it for the visually impaireds .. Will help them to read books and make their life easier .. I will make it using Raspberry Pi with Raspbian. The Project will be a full solution for the visually impeareds.. I will make table with stand for the books and lights above the book and I will hung the Camera module in order to detect the text using the image processing and analyze the text and reading it. My dream to develop it to be used as translation tools too.

But then I realized the skills needed for many weeks were not there. That is why I changed my final project to the digital fabrication escape room, where I use 2d and 3d Cad, laser cutting, cnc machining, vinyl cutting, pcb production and design, and many more.

This is all explained in the application and Implications week and in the final project section.

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