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Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income



After evaluating the different business models, I decided that my final project will be open source, as it’s more aligned with the fab charter and fablab made spirit, and I would like many people to contribute to make this project a much bigger and better one.

I envision my project to be replicated all over the world, and its not logical to be moving atoms all over, its easier if anyone who wants to use it can simply download all the files, follow my documentation to learn how to build it, and then just replicate it and modify to their needs, as in each iteration, people would learn from their results and suggest changes, new puzzles and new ideas.


To be able to do this, I selected the attribution-non commercial-shShareAlike.0 international public license

which will help my objective of wide spreading the use while protecting my rights as author. 

Please see this link to learn more about the license:



The poster for the final project


The Video for The final project