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Project Development


For this week, I will explain my time management techniques for the implementation of my final project. For this, I started by making a schedule in Microsoft project.

Which would help me plan everything I need in order to do develop my project.
This are the Items I need to build



# What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

In the actual implementation for my project, the biggest challange was the electronics parts, because my CNC machine had old bits and old copper plates, making the manufacturing of the pcb board a big challange. I had to order and wait for new bits and new copper, and once they arrived, I was able to actually build my board and the start the soldering process, which was also a big challenge because I had to practice a lot.


#what has worked? what hasn't?

The 2d and 3d design of the parts have been very easy, and everything has worked as planned, using the laser cutter, the vinyl cutter, the cnc machine and the 3d printer. The most difficult part of the process was the pcb creation and the soldering for the board.

# What questions need to be resolved?

Now that I finally have my PCB and was able to solder the parts, I need to connect all the elements and see if It will work. I will work hard this week in order to try to assemble everything and troubleshoot to see what is the status of the pending, to have everything ready for my presentation.


# What will happen when?

After testing and connecting my PCB, I will integrate all of the elements and test how the escape room will actually work. This will make it possible for me to see what needs to be improved to have a final design.


# What have you learned?

During this process Ive learned a lot about digital fabrication, the workflows to pass from design to fabrication and how to use the machines safely and get the results needed. I think anyone who does this exercise will have a lot of practice in all the techniques used and will be able to improve and personalize the design according to their needs,