Think .. Design .. Make

Machine Design


For this week. We need to automate the machine we built in mechanical design last week. For this, I will explain the board I design for this, and then show how our group integrates all the parts to  have this machine working. As explained last week, the circuits we needed for functionality are a component for dc motor control, the component for the color sensor, and the component for a servo.


After integrating, optimizing and testing our circuits, we arrived to the following design




Based on the satcha design, I did the following modifications to include the circuits needed:

  • For the servo, added an M03 and connect it to ground, vcc and pin 10 of my atmega.


  • For the color sensor, I added and M06 and a M02 to have enough pins, and then conneted the 4 pins for the sensors, named cs0 to cs3, and vcc and ground.


  • For the dc motor, I added an M03 to connect the IRF520 and an M02 for the motor pins,
  • and then made the connections according to the schematic shown previously.

This is the final layout of the board,

And as explained last week, it was fabricated using a Carvey machine.


Now, we are ready for soldering.

My friends Hussain Alhudhud worked on the soldering and he documented it in his page

My friend Yousef ALsenwar worked on the programming and he documented on his page


The final video