W08│ Computing-controlled-machining

Group Assignment:

  • Testing runout, alignment, speeds, feeds, and toolpaths.

Individual Assignment:

  • Designing aand making something BIG.

1.Group Assignment

2. Individual Assigment.


I really enjoy this assigment, this week we had to make something usign a CNC router machine. I didn´t use one before but I had some idea on how it worked and the design considerations.

I decided to design a modular locker-stool for my students.

a. Design process

Since I started the Academy, I´ve been learning how to use Fusion 360 as a main desing and construction tool.

1. For this assigment I used parametric design, I strongly recomend it, because it will allow you to manipulate and modify your design meassurements and features (holes, grooves, fillets, and chamfers) without affecting it. Check this article about Parametric Design pros and cons.

2. I wanted to design a product without using any type of glue so looked up information related to digital joints and their capabilities. Checkout this site, it help me to understand how they work. For my design I chose to use the most common: Finger Tenons

b. Model.

  • It has 2 lateral pieces (legs)that connect each module.
  • Inside the box it has 2 crossbars, they will help to support weight.
  • The door is connected to the top and bottom pieces, they have a hole that allows door rotation.

c. Layout.

To obtain the DXF file from Fusion, I didn´t want to export every skecth I use an script from Patrick Rainberry (my classmate Carlos Nina recomended it). This tool rotates and alings all the pieces on a plane. For more information on how to install it and works, click here.


In Tecsup we have a ShotBot CNC router and to program the machining we use PartWorks, here a Mini tutorial on how it works.

ShotBot Software: Mini tutorial.


I had some troUbles with the parameters I used and building my project was a little bit hard, I already updated the file to avoid this troubles in the future.


Modular Locker-Stool: Plano_week8

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