W20│ Project Development

Wake Up Mat from alucyem on Vimeo.

I'm always asking questions. It's part of my life and my design process. So, to start with my final project I will answer the following question by using a Human Centered Methodology.

1. How might we encourage people to change a sedentary lifestyle?.

According to the World Health Organization, the physical inactivity is a Global Public Health Problem.

The current levels of physical inactivity are partly due to insufficient participation in physical activity during leisure time and an increase in sedentary behaviour during occupational and domestic activities. Likewise, an increase in the use of "passive" modes of transport has also been associated with declining physical activity levels.

2. Final Project Concept.

My product is a mat wich connects with an App. The goal is to encourage people to start an exercise routine. You have to make between 5 and 10 minutes of exercise and each day you will have different objectives.

Initial Idea Sketches!!!

3. Product Development.

For the entire design I used Fusion 360, because during the Academy I got used to the software and it allowed me to model the product and make renders. Also I was able to export the sketches in DXF format in order to use them for the cut process made on the laser machine.

  • Laser cut and engraving: This process was 30% of the project, I tested how felt will react on Wild card's asssignment. The mat is like a felt sandwich, it has 3 layers. For the bottom layer I used light gray felt as an outer skin to avoid middle layer to touch the floor. This layer was the principal canvas for the capacitive sensors I made from copper foil tape. They were sewed with conductive thread. The top and cyan layer was engraved with two lines that will serve as marks, with them the user will know where to stand.

  • Sewing: I had to sew 4 cooper foil tapes and also the traces that will connect them to the auxiliary board I design for them. I took me 2 hours to do it.

  • 3d Printing: This week arrived a new 3D printer and I was the first to use, Sindoh has really good finishings but it tok 6 hour to print the dumbbel, it totally worth it!

  • Parameters: Material--> PLA / Temperature --> 220°/ Infill --> 10%

4. Electronics.

During the past assignments I've been working on my final project. Electric components were developed on Networking's asssignment. I just made a tiny modification on the board. I replaced the attiny45 for the attiny44. The reason was, because I needed 2 copper foils per feet and I was working with 2 and for the rest I needed more pins. I also designed an auxiliary board that I sewed to the mat. This board conects the pins used for the pads with the attiny.

  • Schematics.

5. Programing.

Here was almost the same as the assigment mentioned before. I just added to the code the PINS needed for the extra copper foils.

  • Main loop:
  • // main loop
    	while (1) {
    		/*// This code tests ADC and touchpad's reading,
    		// use with medir.py only
    		for (int i = 0; i < 50; i++){
    		for (int i = 0; i < 50; i++){
    		get_char(&serial_pins, serial_pin_in, &chr);
    		if(chr == start_signal)
    		if(chr == change_signal)
    			case 0:{
    				if(chr == start_signal){
    					if(leer_value(left_touchpad) > 12000 && leer_value(right_touchpad)>12000){
    						output(serial_direction, serial_pin_out);//
    						static const char message_1[] PROGMEM = "Start";
    			 			put_string(&serial_port, serial_pin_out, (PGM_P) message_1);
    						put_char(&serial_port, serial_pin_out, 10); // new line
    						input(serial_direction, serial_pin_out);//
    						output(serial_direction, serial_pin_out);//
    						put_char(&serial_port, serial_pin_out, chr);
    						put_char(&serial_port, serial_pin_out, 10); // new line
    						input(serial_direction, serial_pin_out);//
    			case 1:{
    				int step = 0;
    				bool flag = false;
    				bool nextR = true;
    				bool nextL = false;
    					bool stepR = (leer_value(right_touchpad)>12000);
    					bool stepL = (leer_value(left_touchpad)>12000);
    					if((stepR == nextR)&&(stepL == nextL)){
    						step = step+1;
    						nextR = !stepR;
    						nextL = !stepL;
    				output(serial_direction, serial_pin_out);//
    				static const char message_1[] PROGMEM = "Next";
    	 			put_string(&serial_port, serial_pin_out, (PGM_P) message_1);
    				put_char(&serial_port, serial_pin_out, 10); // new line
    				input(serial_direction, serial_pin_out);
    			case 2:{
    			case 3:{
    		if(chr == message_signal){
    			// This is part of the group assignment, another project has sent a
    			// message and we should answer
    			output(serial_direction, serial_pin_out);//
    			static const char message_GA[] PROGMEM = "This is Andrea's project";
     			put_string(&serial_port, serial_pin_out, (PGM_P) message_GA);
    			put_char(&serial_port, serial_pin_out, 10); // new line
    			input(serial_direction, serial_pin_out);//

    6. App.

    I developed the app on week 13 (Interfaces & Communication). I used App inventor, but I felt limited to add more options like an alarm.

    7.Bill of Materials

    For the project I've only bougth fabric(felt) from a local supplier and conductive thread from amazon.

    8. Licence.

    As I mentioned on Invention, Intellectual Property and Income, I decided to restric the comercial use of the product in case I want to create a business model from it.

    Licencia Creative Commons
    WakeUp Mat by Andrea Lazo Zúñiga is licensed under a Licencia Creative Commons Atribución-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional.

    9.Time management.

    Due to all the new topics I needed for my Final Project like electronics and Programming, I wanted to use the week assigments to develop them and that way had more time to prototype my ideas and strengthen them. Here you can see how I manage the time.


    I would like to thank Daniel Marquina, Pablo Temoche & Isai Huanaco (my coworkers) for their patience, knwoledge and help. They have been the best teachers!!!!.


    Final Project: .RAR