W02│ Project Management

How to build a personal site: Guide for Beginners.
Git Tutorial
Project Concept

1. How to build a Personal Site: Guide for Beginners.

I will start this post with a confession: I HAVE NEVER MADE A WEBSITE!!!!

Step One

In order to start with my website I needed to understand the basics so I took two free Codecamy courses (if you are new, i strongly recommended them):"Learn HTML" and "Learn CSS".

Step two

As a designer, I didn´t want to make a frankenstein, so I drew some sketches in order to lay out the content, then I downloaded a bootstrap template similiar to my idea. To edit it, I´ve been working with NETBEANS 8.2 Text Editor.

Advise Alert!!!

If you are new like me, be really careful about the changes you want to make. I recomend to make tests in your page first with the INSPECT option and then just go for it. You will have some ups and downs but as soon as you get used to the language and your text editor´s interface you will find it easier.

For me, the hardest part was to understand what is the blog content area. I will let a video showing how i´ve been working ↓. I also recomend to check W3schools and HTML│MDN, there you´ll find a lot of information about coding.

2. GIT Tutorial.

What is GIT and why do I need it?.!!!

According to Ravishankar Somasundaram (in his book "Git: Version Control for Everyone"9) is a system capable of recording the changes made to a file over a period of time. It will allow you to get back in time to recall a specific version of that file. Asking and looking for information.

  • Why you need it?

    It serves as a failsafe mechanism. You can revert the content back to a particular older state without any data loss.

    Step One

    After Fiore Basile's recitation (Jan 29) I installed GIT and then connected the SSH Key to my GiTLab account.
    *The SSH protocol provides this security and allows you to authenticate to the GitLab remote server without supplying your username or password each time.

    Step two

    I´ve been workng with a remote repository and only when I´m pretty sure about my work I push the information to the Master Repository on GitLab-Fabcloud.

    Video Tutorial

    Also Check this out GITCHEATSHEET.