W07│ Electronics Design

Group Assignment:

  • Using test equipment in our lab to observe the operation of a microcontroller circuit board.

Individual Assignment:

  • Redrawing the Echo Hello_wordl Board and adding a BUTTON & LED.
  • Render.

1.Group Assignment

2. Individual Assigment.


In order to redraw the Hello_wordl board I needed to understand wich were the main electronic's circuits. Roberto Delgado is in charge of Fab Lab Tecsup and he gave us an introduction to the main components and how Eagle works. I think that without it I wouldn't be able to achive this assignment.

a. Introduction to Eagle

The first thing we need to do is, after downloading Eagle, is to add the Fab Library componenets:

1. Go to Fab Academy 2018 Schedule, Electronics design, on Circuits you will find fab.lbr. To copy it, you can right click and choose the copy link.

2. On Windows, go to D:\EAGLE 8.6.3\lbr\ltspice and paste the link.

b. How to use eagle.

In orde to start is important, if you are new as me, to recognize the Schematic Symbols we'll be using.

Eagle is very intuitive and most used icons are:


1. I created an schematic drawing with all the basic components from the Echo Hello_World board and added a LED and a Button.

2. Next step is to create the traces on the board, I didn´t use the Autorouter option instead I draw them by following the assigment of Roberto Delgado who I work with. To be honest, this part was kind of difficult, is very important to check all the connections and be sure everything is in the right order.

3. To finish ypu need to export as PNG using monochrome and 500 dpi as settings

4. I used Illustrator to add a personal icon and also to make the cut profile



I used the same process a followed for the FabTinyISP. I made my board twice because I mixied up some traces. This poped up when I wanted to test the board.


To program the Hello_world board I used a tutorial suggested by Gabriela Mojoli (she made the Fab Academy here in Tecsup on 2016). The steps where really easy to follow and I used Arduino and my FabTinyISP board.




To make a render I integrated the board from Eagle to Fusion 360. Fab Library didn't have any 3D models needed, in order to complete this task I download them from Digi-key. To look for the right code just go to the Fab inventory. The following step was to update the Eagle library and push it to Fusion (very similar process to the one we make with GitLab)

If you a visual learner as me, go to this Fusion tutorials, just click here.


Board: Schematics / Traces / Fusion file

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