W18│ Applications and Implications

Individual Assignment:

  • Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered,answering:

1. What will it do?

My final project will be an interactive mat that works as an exercise satation and sense the execises you are making. It cames with an app that suggests different types of exercises and you can program to ork as an alamr clock.

The concept was born due to a medical treatment I received last year for my thyrod problem. My doctor told me that to control my system I needed to start eating better and make exercise, this is a critical point (I think) to people...having time to move the body. One advise he also gave me was to start by doing 5 minutes of exercise every moming to create a routine.

2. Who's done what beforehand?

There is a product similar called: SmartMat for yoga practice. It detects when you're out of alignment and gives you real-time feedback on how to correct your pose

image retrive from: Smartmat

3. What materials and components will be used?/ Where will come from?/How much will they cost?

For my final project I've only bougth fabric(felt) from a local supplier and conductive thread form amazon.

4. What parts and systems will be made? / What processes will be used?

My final project has 3 main components: 1. mat & dumbbell / 2. Electronics / 3. Programing

  • Mat's fabrication: Design, cut & engrave the felt on the laser machine.

  • Electronics:
    Redesign pad's board, I've been using attiny45 but I need to use Attiny44 (Board from networking ans Communications).
    Design an auxiliary board that I will sew on the mat.

  • Programming:
    Interface programming, I've already done it on week's 13 (Interfaces and communicatios)

5. What questions need to be answered?

  • Wich process I will use to fabricate the dumbbell?

  • How will the felt will work with the copper foil tape?

  • Would the conductive thread will work in larger spaces?

6. How will it be evaluated?

For the project to succeed it needs to show how the app communicates with the mat.

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