Assignment 19:

Project Development


What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

At the startpoint of my final project there are a lot work to do. During the weely assigntments there was no time to develop first parts of my final project so I ha to start at the very first step. But i learned a lot during the assigment period, so i could use this knowledges for my final project. So the work would be a lot more easy than without any preknowledges.
See the remaining work packages in the Gant-Chart below:
Especially the motion capturing sensor is new for me, so I have to learn a lot about it and how to use the incomming data. There fore I´d like to use in the first step a Curie nano board which has the sensor onboard.
Additional I had to find a way to realize the grab function of the robot. Here are several options to check.

What has worked? what hasn't?

At this stage of the FabAcademy I had a working universal microcontroller board which is able to handle the signals and controll the servos of the robot. Also buttons are easy to realize. But I will build a new board especially for the needs of my final project.
All other parts will be completeley new developed, so there are no proknowledges available.

What questions need to be resolved?

One big question is how to realize the grab function. A mechanical one would be to heavy for my small robot. So a vacuum pump locks like a good option, but also the smallest pump I found needs 12V. So I will need another voltage source and a way to switch it on. Also the mechanical part of my robot needs to checked.

What will happen when?

See the Gant-Chart below. This timeplan will be changed during the process because there will be missing parts, machine updates and errors which destroy the plan. But there is a lot of work to do on different parts to I´ll be able to change the work packages during the process.

What have you learned?

I´ve learned a lot during the single assignments, I think my documentation shows a good overview of my new knowledges.
Especially for the development of my final project the follwing skills are important and necessary:
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