About Me

Hi my name is Lukas Hellwig and I´m from Gelsenkirchen in Germany. Maybe you know the football club Schalke 04. It is the home team of Gelsenkirchen.
I become a scientific research assistant at the Hochschule Ruhr West (HRW) last year. Before I finished my Bachelor of Science in Engineering and my Master of Science of technical productionmanagement. In my masterthesis i designed a concept of a mobile FabLab as an innovation instrument for companies. In my opinion FabLabs could be a great improvement in the organisations of companies and make them more flexible and innovativ. Thats the reason why I´m planing to do a PhD about this topic.
Therefore I´d like to know all about the technologies, tools and methods of a typical FabLab. I think the FabAcademy is a great basis for my next research project.
In the HRW FabLab I´m responsible for doing workshops with different audiences and develop suitable tools for the evaluation of the effect of the open athmosphere of our FabLab. Aditional I´m working on several reseach project and looking for new ones.
I thinks thats enough of me, if there are any questions left let me know.
Let´s start making almost anything!

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