Final Project:

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Presentation video

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Bill of Materials




per piece/ meter/ kilogram
Endless Servo 3 ~5€
MPU6050-Sensor 1 ~7€
Button 2 ~0.20€
switch 2 ~0.50€
screw 6 ~0.05€
shim 6 ~0.02€
screw-nut 4 ~0.02€
cable ~3m ~0.5€
relai 1 ~1.50€
Pump 1 ~8€
Vacuum-hose 0.5m ~1.50€
PLA ~0.3kg ~20€
heat shrink tube ~0.2m ~1.60€
Acryl ~0.3m^2 ~3€
elastic band ~0.3m ~0.5€

Work during the FabAcademy Assignments:

In all the following Assignments I learned the necessary skills to develop my own final project. During the weekly rythm I´m not able to build the first parts of my project. But I was able to use the results of this weeks to develop them to the next stage I needed for my final. Especially the PCB development was nearly finished and I had only to do some additions and layout adjustments. Find the links below:


Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
The complete final Projekt is licenced under the creative commons licence. So feel free to use all the data and sketches to build your own system or develop it for your individual needs. But please name me when you use something of my prework and don´t use it for your commercial benefit. You also have to publish your work using my prework under the same licence.

Acknowledge work done by others

During my work at my final project I used various tutorials, drafts and examples. IN the following I´d like to shown the main inputs i used:



example Code MPU6050 SensorVladimir Romanov
example Code MPU6050 SensorJeff Rowberg
example Code MPU6050 SensorNicholas N
I2C tutorial & example codeDejan Nedelkovski
Servo tutorial & example codeTim Youngblood
Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
Dieses Werk ist lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung - Nicht-kommerziell - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 4.0 International Lizenz.