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Welcome to my Fabacademy 2024

About me

My name is Joe wallace and I am a technician from Birmingham, UK.

My career so far has been quite varied and dynamic, from joining the Royal Navy at the ripe old age of 17 as a Weapons Engineer, to various international roles, traveling the continent building and commissioning process lines.

Some years ago Amsterdam stole my heart, I moved in 2019 before getting a visa was a thing. In 2022 I left Amsterdam for Mexico, where I had intended to stay, but some, let's call them "experiences", lead me to return back to the UK.

With time still left on my residency visa and the thought of spending my life in Birmingham, I am back in Amsterdam and before staring a new role in Engineering I want to gain new skills and a deeper understanding of machine building and design.

I see FabAcademy as the perfect course to do that and I'm excited to see the progress over the coming months.


I am passionate about traveling the world, exploring new cultures, and immersing myself in diverse experiences. Food is not just a necessity but a profound interest of mine, as I love to discover unique cuisines and savor delightful flavors. Exploring local markets, trying street food, and dining at authentic eateries are some of my favorite ways to explore a new place. From sampling exotic dishes to learning about traditional cooking methods, food has always been a gateway to understanding different cultures.

Learning outcomes

  1. Improve my web development skills and create a documentation site with a clean aesthetic.
  2. A big one for me is to gain proficiency in CAD, It's something I have never used before and could be a great skill to learn for future projects. I hope to use tools like Fusion 360, FreeCad and test out more advanced programs such as Rhino and Blender.
  3. Deepen my understanding of electronics, learn how micro controllers work and use that knowledge to build a machine.
  4. Improve my soft skills like time management and documentation, always necessary in the field of engineering.
  5. Have fun and enjoy this learning process.