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Final Project

Artificial hand that imitate the movement of the human hand

I am developing an artificial hand that imitate the movements of the human hand.

The artificial hand will move with servo motors and it will receive the instructions by ESP 01 Wifi module.

The user will have a glove with flex sensors and it will sending the instructions to artificial hand by a ESP01 Wifi module.

Both parts have ATmega328p microcontrollers with a own PCB design.

What will it do?

The following activities will be developed:

  • Design a hand in 3D CAD software by 3D printer.
  • Design a glove in 3D CAD software or Corel Draw by laser cut.
  • Manufacture of the hand in 3D printers.
  • Manufacture of the glove in laser cutter.
  • Design PCB circuit in CNC MonoFab.
  • Development of the control software movement for hand by microcontroller and servo motors.
  • Development of comunication Wifi.

Design of the prototype in 3D CAD software.

Manufacture of the prototype in 3D printers and/or laser cutter.

Development of the control system with MCU and EMG signals.

FSR 402 Round Resistive Force Sensor.

3D scanning for the development of the particular features of the amputation for its subsequent manufacture.

End user testing.