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1. Principles and practices

This week I worked on defining my final project idea.

My Researching

Disability According to the World Health Organization (2016), the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) defines disability as a generic term that encompasses impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions.

In Peru, according to Law No. 29973 of December 24, 2012, “General Law of Persons with Disabilities”, includes in its article 2 the following definition of disability: “The person with a disability is one who has one or more physical, sensory, mental or intellectual deficiencies of a permanent nature that, when interacting with various attitudinal and environmental barriers, does not exercise or may be impeded in the exercise of their rights and their inclusion fully and effectively in society, on equal terms with others”.

In Peru, at Christmas time, it is common to hear news about finger or hand mutilation because of the manipulation of pyrotechnics in both adults and children, these accidents have irreversible consequences such as partial or total amputation of the hand.

On the other hand, a similar situation occurs in occupational accidents because of the manipulation of machines and tools that cause injuries to fingers and hands, those affected are workers who with the partial or total amputation of the hand, see their future employment reduced.

Currently in the country, the manufacture of functional hand prostheses is very scarce and expensive, the cheapest prosthesis does not fall below $ 2000, these prostheses do not consider the particularity of each amputation or aesthetics, both aspects are important for the person with amputation.

Purpose of the final project

Develop a mechatronic hand that mimics the movements of the human hand.

Prototype Idea

What will you do?

The mechatronic hand will flex and stretch the fingers trying to follow the sequence of movements performed by the human hand that will command it remotely wirelessly. The reference human hand will use flex sensors located in a kind of glove.

Who will use it?

Students of various technical careers, to understand the operation of actuators such as servomotors, flex sensors, microcontrollers and wireless communications.