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2. Project management


Work through a git tutorial

This week I started to getting used to the documentation process.

To start the development of the repository, we must first synchronize the space on the web with the directory on the PC, we follow these steps:

Next, we detail each step:

  1. Git download and installation: Git’s homepage
    Git Download

    We go to the Homepage Git for download GUI Clients.

    Go to the download page for our System Operate.
    Download Windows version.

    Save file to execute.

    Git Installation

    Run the installation file.

  2. Repository cloning with Git
    We create a folder in which the web files to be cloned will be stored, and then we run Git:

    We create and select folder to clone the repository and run GIT Bash Here .
    Next to run GIT Bash Here, this open the GIT commnads console.

    We apply the following commands:

      $ git config –global “Your User name”
      $ git config –global “Your e-mail”

    In the first one, we write our name. In the second, we write our email address.

      $ ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “Your e-mail”

    We create the password to manager page.

    We copy and paste the Public SSH key to validate the clone:

      $ cat ~/.ssh/

    We copy encrypted password.

    We paste encryted password in the SSH keys repository.
    Click the button to validate password.
    We get the SSH URL to start the cloning of our web space:

    Copy URL with SSH
      $ git clone “URL of your page”

    Execute Git clone with URL SSH to clonate our web space.
    And finally we verify the copy of files:

    We verify the copy of files.

Build a personal site in the class archive describing you and your final project

  1. Sublime Text Download and installation: Sublime Text’s homepage
    Sublime Text Software download

    Go to Sublime Text Page.

    Go to download Windows and save it.
    Sublime Text installation

    Run the installation as manager.

  2. Edit web pages with Sublime Text.
    We open the page to edit with Sublime Text.

    Select the file to edit.

    We choose Sublime Text as editor.

    We can see the open file in Sublime Text.
    We make the necessary changes, this can be done in HTML.

    We can make the necessary changes.

  3. Update cloud web repository with git:
    This is the page before update.

    We can see previous page.

    We run Git Bash inside the cloned folder on our local drive.

    Run Git Bash Here in our Cloned Repository Folder.

    We apply the following commands:

        $ git status

    Apply “git status” to see our changes.
        $ git add .

    Apply “git add .” to attach this changes.
        $ git commit -m “Commit’s Message”

    Apply “git commit -m” to commission our changes.
        $ git push

    Apply “git push” to update repository.
    The page refresh takes a few minutes.

    After that, with the check symbol, we can see update of the repository in the cloud.
    Finally, we can see our updated page.