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Project Management
Computer-Rendered Image
Computer-Aided Design
Laser-Cut Box
Computer-Controlled Cutting
Close Up Electronic
Electronics Production
3D printer
3D Printing and Scanning
Circuit Board and Wire
Electronics Design
CNC cutting plywood
Computer-Controlled Machining
Closeup of ATtiny1616 on Board
Embedded Programming
Closeup of ATtiny1616 on Board
Machine Design
Custom Circuit Board
Input Devices
Mold for an Astronaut Helmet
Molding and Casting
Water Sensor and LCD Screen
Output Devices
Closeup FTDI Adapter on Board
Networking & Communications
Closeup FTDI Adapter on Board
Interface & App Programming
SLA Printed Hogwarts
Wildcard Week
Fusion Design of Final Project
Applications and Implications
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Invention, Intellectual Propery, and Income