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So you want to learn a little bit more about me, huh?

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Where do I even start?

Well, I attended Wheaton College and declared my computer science major during my sophomore year. Even as a computer science major, Wheaton allowed me to explore many different disciplines and I began to develop a particular passion for Social Entrepreneurship.

I participated in a Social Entrepreneurship Boot Camp my junior year and instantly fell in love with the idea of it. The fact that I could use my computer science background to better the world through entrepreneurship still blows my mind. I wanted to spread this awareness to as many people as possible, so I became President of Wheaton’s Social Entrepreneurship Club, worked at the 2020 and 2021 Social Entrepreneurship Boot Camps, and became a Junior Consultant at GCSEN Foundation; a position I still hold today.

And then I graduated during a global pandemic. My optimistic state of mind began to dwindle as I felt each day passing by while I did absolutely nothing. A few months into the pandemic, I began to make different pieces of art. I found that creating things immensely helped my mental state. I decided to build a natural wood coffee table to give myself a more hands-on project. This unfinished table is the reason I decided to join FabAcademy. Well, this and Madison Dunaway, of course!

Now, I can’t wait to continue to learn, grow, and watch as each of my projects get bigger and better. I’m so excited to join a community of like-minded individuals as we embark on this journey of fabrication!

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I, Brandon Witter, am a Fab Academy Student, responsible for:

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