The Fab Academy is a fast paced, hands-on learning experience where students learn rapid-prototyping by planning and executing a new project each week, resulting in a personal portfolio of technical accomplishments (Fab Academy, 2021).

Week 01: Project Management

Week 02: Principles and Practices

Week 03: Computer Aided-Design

Week 04: Computer-controlled cutting

Week 05: Electronics production

Week 06: 3D scanning and printing

Week 07: electronics design

Week 08: Computer controlled machining

Week 09: Embedded programming

Week 10: Mechanical design, Machine design

Week 11: Input Devices

Week 12: Molding & casting

Week 13: Output devices

Week 14: Networking and Communications

Week 15: Interface & Application programming

Week 16: Wildcard

Week 17: Applications & Implications

Week 18: Invention, intellectual property & income

Week 19: Final Project development


About me

🇬🇧 Greetings!- 🇫🇮 Terveisiä!- 🇱🇻 Sveiciens!
I am Kitija Kuduma. I participating Fab Academy in Finland, Aalto FabLab. Until program graduating I live in Finland, but actually I am Latvian. Latvia is only 40 minutes flight away from Finland. I work at Science and Education Innovation Center of city Liepaja. Every day I help pupils and teachers to learn how to use educational technology. I have experience and skills in building robots such as Mindstorms, Edison, Makeblock, Micro:bits and others as well as programming them in visual programming languages.
First reason of my motivation to join Fab Academy is that with my employer we plan to open a FabLab in Latvia, city Liepaja and in future become a node of Fab Foundation community. The second reason why I am here is that I want to increase my knowledge and skills in technical field - I want to be able to make (almost) anything! And the third reason - improve my English.
Basically that’s all about me!