About me

Hello, I’m Philip Hemsted one of the students on Fab Academy 2015 in Fab Lab Manchester, England.

Philip Hemsted picture

A long time ago I studied engineering at university and worked for large companies in steel, chemical, engineering and telecoms industries, before jumping into the world of technology start-ups. My latest venture is a start-up aiming to reduce the installation cost and increase yield of tidal energy arrays. The tidal energy market hasn’t developed as quickly as thought and with no short term revenue opportunities Fab Academy gives me an opportunity to reboot my career.

I live in Lymm in Cheshire with my wife, a hospital doctor and two sons who are both away at university. For the last ten years I’ve mentored young businesses as part of the Prince’s Trust charity. Outside of work I play golf, run and do triathlons.

Philip Hemsted triathlon picture