Fab Academy 2015

How To Make Almost Anything

Hello, I'm Katie and I love making things.

I studied Industrial design because I thought that that would be the best way for me to learn how to make things and in a way I did. Among other things I learned a lot about manufacturing technologies, about the industry, about materials and about the different ways there are to manipulate them.

During my studies I took a course in interaction design and it led me here. During the course I was exposed to modern technologies and to the "behind the scene" action which I found much more appealing than designing a shell of a product. When I’m not designing or creating I spend my time reading lots of books, writing a life journal, traveling the world and learning new things (preferably new languages).

I live in Tel Aviv with my wonderful partner and two most-of-the-time-cute cats. When I grow up I want to be something that wasn't invented yet. *This is my first real website so I plan to improve it as we go along, let me know if there are things that bother you about it or if you have any helpful tips.