1. Principles and practices, Project Management

2. Computer Aided Design

3. Computer Controller Cutitng

4. Electronics Production

5. 3D Scanning and Printing

6. Electronics Design

7. Computer Controlled Machining

8. Embedded Progamming

9. Molding and Casting

10. Input Devices

11. Composites

12. Output Devices

13. Networking / Communications

14. Mechanical design

15. Machine design

16. Interface and application programming

17. Applications and Implications

18. Invention, Intellectual property, and Income

19. Project Development

Project Presentation

My name is Ciro, I am a peruvian industrial engineer, I am interested in the area of ​​design, manufacturing and technology, for this reason I decided to take this course. I would like to transmit this knowledge to my students.

My hobbies are strategy games on the PC and going for a walk on weekends with my family.

The bottom photo shows the majestic background of Machupichu (Cusco) and next to me is one of the two engines of my life, my wife, the other little engine is my son.