19.Project development

During this week I will complete the final project and track my progress

What is the deadline? How much time do I have left?

I’m writing this week after I have presented my project which was on 22 of July 2020, I focused more on finishing the main requirement of the presentation which was the technical part.

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

I finished most of the tasks of the project:

  • Design and 3d print the main body of the frame itself.
  • Cutting the lase cut acrylic pieces for the UV light.
  • Find out a way to measure the door movement and for that I used the MPU 6050 where I have used the reading from the gyroscope to measure the movement angle of the door.
  • control the UV light operating time is was done in coding once the MPU triggers that the door is closed it will start operating for 5 seconds.

What hasn’t work?

One of the main issues I face is that the device won’t operate unless it is connected to the computer to the serial monitor, and it won’t receive any readings from the MPU6050.

also, I tried to use the aluminum as the outer cover of the device but it did not look good enough which led me to replace it with a 3d part.

What questions need to be resolved?

I found out that the battery need to be recharged after 4 hours and I need to figure out a way to auto charge the battery again once the door gets be to rest.

What will happen when?

I believe I still be working of the project trying to enhance it and solve the remaining problems, such as the serial communication problem also the battery life, I will try to develop an auto charging feature for the project.

What have you learned?

One of the main lessons I learned during the academy I believe was the time management, I’m doing my full time job which made me to squeeze my day to find a slot to do the assignment.