1. Principles and practices

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.


Corona Virus

As we are all aware of the coronavirus covid-19 disease that invaded the whole world which started in china at the end of December 2019 and this disease started to spread all around the world with more than 1,796,052 coronavirus cases and 110,012 death and the meter is still counting according to worldometers.

The cause of coronavirus

There are different ways that the virus could transfer from one person to another, among them is to contact a person who is currying the virus or by touching infected surfaces which might lead the hand to pick up the corona virus and transfer it to your eyes, nose or mouth. according to World Health Organization


There are several procedures a person could follow to protect himself, among them is to maintain social distancing between him and anyone who is coughing or sneezing who might be currying the virus, Also, to wash his/her hand and keep it clean with an alcohol-hand based rub.

The problem

But as we are aware that the procedure of maintaining your hand clean is an endless loop, we might touch any surface unconsciously from time to time and rather than getting ourselves trapped in this loop, is to make sure that those surfaces are clean.

Door handle

So along with the Corona virus panic and with the increase of sterilization tools and equipment demand, my idea is to have self sterilization door handle, so that once the door is opened or closed the UV light will be operated to clean and kill the germs on the handle.

Idea Sketch

This is a simple sketch of the main components the potential project will consist of:

1- Door Motion sensor & microcontroller, that will be responsible to trigger when the door is open.

2- UV light, will be operated once it receives the signal that the door is opened

3- Door handle frame, design a door handle frame.

Project Workflow

The following diagram shows the workflow of the project.