6. 3D Scanning and printing

For this week assignment we have to fulfill the following: - Test the design rules for your printer(s) - Design and 3D print an object (small, few cm3, limited by printer time) that could not be easily made subtractively - 3D scan an object.

Group assignment

For the group assignment please visit our group page where we have tested the design rules for the printers.

3D Design

For the 3d designing and printing part of my assignment, I have to design and print something that can not be made easily subtractively,

Fusion 360

I used fusion 360 software for the design part to create my model, I started by creating the 2d sketch of a rectangle,

then I used the Extrude tool to create the 3d cube shape with 50 mm height,

then using the hole function, I created the cylindrical holes through the 6 faces of the cube,

finally I created the sphere inside the cube with 42mm diameter,

Once I was done with the design part, I exported the file as stl then prepared the model for printing by using cura software,

choosing ultimaker 3 extended as my printer, enabling support because I have over hanged shapes , and the brim to help in bed adhesion and to prevent warping and stabilize the model while printing, also I chose 0.4 nozzle, and because the model does not have fine details and the print is only for test experimental purposes and the strength of the model is not a big concern I chose 10% infill to reduce material consumption and time with 0.2 layers height.

the job will take almost 3 hours and 20 mins the model to be printed.

due to the fact that I chose 0.2 layers height and 10% infill, you can easily notice the bad quality of the print I believe with sanding it will look quite good.

3D scanning

so for this part of the week I have to scan a 3d model using a 3d scanner, I will scan a previously printed 3d model

the 3d sense scanner will be used in this task,

once I downloaded the software I followed the following tutorial on how to scan object by 3D Print - Tech Design channel,

it took me more than one iteration to have an acceptable 3d scanned model,

First I need to select what I am scanning, whether it is an object or a person, I selected an object in this case.

then you have to select what size it is, small, medium or large, and I selected small,

once I was done with that I started the scanning process where I have to rotate the device around the object 360 degrees.

and once I saved the model once I was satisfied with the scanned model.

Final thoughts:

I expected that the scanning process is easy to do and with good quality , but it was not, from the test it took me more than 3 iterations of scanning to be able to scan the object, which is in my opinion is not practical and you can not count for.

Download Files - 3d model