Piotr Bejenka - Fab Academy 2020


This page will make you familiar with my Fab Academy 2020 course progression and the steps that I took to finalize my Final Project. From scratch to end-product. To learn more I encourage you to read the rest of my website.

About me

Born in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
I graduated from the Wrocław University of Technology in Mechanical Department. Worked for a few 3D printers manufacturers as a Technical Customer Support. During which I have updated, edited and created many knowledgebase articles and guides for users. Now I am working at Warsaw Fablab as an educator also I work for a foundation that implements STEAM learning into elementary schools. Father of two kids, Miłosz and Zuzia. I plan to teach as much about being a maker as possible.
Now living and working in Warsaw.

Weekly Assigments

Week 01: Principles and Practices, Project Management

First entry week for me into Fab Academy. A lot of refreshing of old knowledge and learning of some web coding.
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Week 02: Computer Aided Designs

Week with CAD software. Making first 3D models of possible Final Project.
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Week 03: Computer-controlled Cutting

Chapter about CNC Cutters like laser cutter or vinyl cutter. We will learn how to calculate kerf and what is it.
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Week 04: Electronics Production

First hard assigment with many detailed electronics and small scale PCB milling assigment.
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Week 05: 3D Scanning and Printing

Additive manufacturing week! Capabilities and limitations of 3D printing and possibilities of 3D scanning technolgies.
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Week 06: Electronics Design

In this week we learned how to design the electronic boards and what softare is designed for that. Outcome of this week is a new board redesigned from hello isp board.
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Week 07: Computer-controlled Machining

"Go and make something big!" - Said Neil and left us with option to create anything! So this week is about CNC milling machines :)
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Week 08: Embedded Programming

Understading the microcontrollers by reading its datasheets.
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Week 09: Input Devices

Taking the data from the enviroment though the digital singal into the board with help of sensors.
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Week 10: Applications and Implications

Asking and answering correct questions to help to develope our final project better.
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Week 11: Output Devices

After reading the data from the enviroment now is time to show some data to the rest of the world.
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Week 12: Interface and Application Programming

Adding GUI to make usage of our boards easier.
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Week 13: Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

Law and everything about protecting your ideas,projects and products.
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Week 14: Networking and Communications

Making the boards talk to each other.
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Week 15: Casting and Modling

Playing with silicone and making some CNC milling.
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Week 16: Wildcard Week!

Composites,machines, textiles and much more connected with digital fabrication.
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Week 17: Mechanical Design and Machine Design

How to make it move and work properly.
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Week 18: Project Development

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Final Project Short Description

Right now my son is in the early stage of developing his motor skills. To help him I decided to create an interactive toy that will not entertain him but also make him train the larger muscle groups. The toy in the first idea will contain buttons and LEDs. Future development includes making it quite similar to sensory boards.

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