Week 01: Principles and Practices, Project Management

In the beginning, there was massive excitement about the whole course of Fab Academy. The 1st videoconference with Neil started.
And then "BANG!" after three hours it hit me.

Salvation is in the courses!
But first I need to read some short must: http://fab.cba.mit.edu/about/charter/

HTML Courses

I started learning HTML on: Code Academy
It is a free site with HTML course from very beginning and covers all necessary basics.

GitLab Wall

Right after the class ended I started to dig into getting started guides of GitLab.
GitLab Get Started Guide
Hopefully, the guides from GitLab are clear enough and after a few minutes.
I have made proper folder on my laptop, runned GIT CMD.

Image showing the way how I send the files onto to gitlab.
I start with checking if all files are up to date with command "git pull" this pulls the data from the server and checks it with the data on my laptop. After checking the files I can add all the work I have done by typing "git add -A" where "A" stands for "all" and git automatically adds for commiting all files that where added or changed since last pulling. Now if I am good with all changes I can commit the data for pushing by typing "git commit -m "update" ". The "-m" stands for message that comes next in commas. Last step is pushing the files with "git push" What resultes in placing new/updated files on my GitLab repository project.
But what should I put on the page?

HTML and Time Wasting

The first few hours I wasted on trying to recall myself some HTML and making the entire webpage from scratch.
Terrible idea, DO NOT do that!
After finally accepting my faith I have entered the HTML5UP webpage and chose one of the available themes and implemented my modifications into it to make it look how I want.

The Content

OK so right now I know some basics of Git and I know at least how to push the files that I want. I also know how to edit the HTML and some of CSS that came along with the course.
So what now?!
The thing that comes hardest for me is always writing texts and making some nice, interesting and descriptive content. Thinking what should I write, about me, the final project and this section about 1st week, took me much longer than learning how to use Git and code in HTML.
I have event hired two specialists!

Must say that the 1st week already made me learn or recall some of the coding skills, it was fun and I am hoping that this course will push me more!
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