15. Mechanical design

Team Leader

  • In this week I was in charge of designing the machine based on my previous experience from working at Bahrain Flour Mills Company on how to digitally control dumping ingredients with screw conveyer. and other moving elements.
  • In this week I had to figure out the point of strength with each and every member, some where with 3D designing some where in decoration, some where in mechanical design and some where good in planning the work flow.

Team Members

Picture Of Work

Simple Sketch How The Machine Should Work

Getting The Components For The Job

3D Printing The Bars Holders

Assembling The Parts

Printing First Design Of the Ingredients Silo

Cup Dumping Mechanism & Silos

Arduino And IO Shield & Mixer Motor Driver Electronics

The Rest Of The Documentation You Can Find It On Muhja AlJaser Documentation Page

Videos Of Work Flow While Designing

Removing 3D Printed Parts

Dumping Cup Testing

Motor Dumping Calibration Process


Final Result

Group Assignment

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